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November 2002


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We Hope To See You At Our Next Celebration

November FOKUS Sharing

Sunday, November 3, 2002
4pm - 9pm
Home of Carl and Lida Sloan

For directions, please call Bob Olson

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Art Sharing
Sunday, October 13, 2002

Roberta Gregory showed Bitchy Bitch animated cartoons. Barb Blevins shared music on video and a story. Nils Osmar shared an episode of his cable-access TV show The Edge titled "Confession". Lida Sloan read two poems "Car Karma" and "Take the I-5 Challenge". Pippin Sardo read her poem "Halloween Tale" (printed in this newsletter). Carl Sloan showed three photo art prints in a Jackson Pollock style, and Bruce Taylor read his short story "It Hits".

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Other Stuff

Two events with Todd Christoffel and Don’t Ask: Performance at the Issaquah Starbucks Friday October 25th, 7-9 PM (on the North side of Gilman Blvd. in the Meadow’s shopping center across from QFC.) Also, a Don’t Ask CD release party Saturday, November 9 (see ad and directions at the end of this newsletter.)

Bruce was a guest at Vancouver Science Fiction Convention (VCon), read poetry at Barnes and Noble in Issaquah and will be having more readings coming up in the near future.

Bruce is hosting a pumpkin carving, pot-luck party Sunday, October 27. Bring your own pumpkin, and get into the spirit(s) of the season.

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Bruce Taylor's Editorial: How Much Does It Matter?

The Seattle Post Intelligencer and KOMO seem to have trouble with crowd estimates. On Wednesday, October l0, they both estimated number of people attending the march/demonstration against war with Iraq at 3,000, totally missing that where the march ended up, at St. Marks Cathedral, there were already 3000 seats filled and there were a good two to three thousand more people outside. Probably five to six thousand were on that candlelight march, protesting another trumped up Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, setting the stage for another incursion into another Vietnam aka, Iraq. Hopefully, on October 26 in Washington D.C. and San Francisco there will be even larger turnouts for peace rallies, which will probably take place in Seattle and other cities as well. Get out and vote with your feet! If you can't do that, then call up Patty Murray and support her vote against Bush's "Iraq-nam" (my phrase for this idiocy) Resolution; (Patty Murray’s phone number is 206-553-5545), and call up Maria Cantwell (Maria Cantwell’s phone number is 206-220-6400) and inform her that public sentiment against the war is running l00 to 1, so who, exactly, is she representing? You? Me? Hardly. And don't forget to say "Thanks" to Jim McDermott (Jim McDermott;s phone number is 206 553-7170) who had the courage, little matter which way he did it, to stand up and say what a lot of us already know about the year 2000 election fiasco, when George W. Bush was subsequently appointed to the presidency by the Supreme Court. Looking at Bush’s record of overturning environmental legislation, his assault on our basic freedoms*, Cheney's refusal to turn over the minutes of meetings about U.S. energy policies to the GAO, and getting away with it, we must ask ourselves, why would we trust these people in such a serious decision as going to war? The only thing more appalling than Bush and company’s record of political actions since taking office is the American public's acceptance of them. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable that so many people put up with this crap. And it can only mean one thing: Bush and company figure they can get away with it. Until we march in the streets, call our Congresspersons and vote, vote, vote, we'll be saying to Bush, Cheney, et. al, "You think we'll let you get away with this? You think we're so dumb? Well, guess what? You're right."

Who knows how far this will go? Unless you are "Artistically Politically Correct", you can kiss your freedom of expression good-bye?*

(*From: The Seattle Times, l6 October 2002, p. B3: ACLU ADS ACCUSE FEDS OF LIMITING CIVIL RIGHTS, Seattle among eight cities with alleged examples., by Ian Smith. "Alleging the federal government is barring peace activists from boarding airplanes, the American Civil Liberties Union is launching a multimillion-dollar advertising blitz to battle what it calls "serious attacks" on constitutional rights by the Bush Administration." There's more to the article but this gives you an idea of what's going on. Who's next? Artists? This is another thing you can do: join the ACLU. According to the article quoted, membership is already up l2%.)

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Some thoughts from Bob Olson: On terrorism:

I do not like the term "War on terrorism" because war is terrorism. Certainly, we need to prevent another September 11, anthrax poisonings, suicide bombings and sniper bullets - and, refugees should realize refuge, rather than face tanks and bulldozers destroying their homes and their lives. Is vengeance, implied by war, the best response to terrorism?

We must curb terrorism, but remain humane in the process. As the world’s only super-power, America has assumed the role of peacemaker and caretaker. Our peacekeeping influence in Israel seemed futile, so now, instead of fostering truce, we seem to be taking a stance that prefers aggression over diplomacy.

I appreciate our soldiers defeating the Taliban, and bringing peace to Afghanistan - and I admire the American agenda toward rebuilding that country. However, today Afghan officials say that the funds necessary to rebuild their country are not forthcoming. We need to keep our promises to Afghanistan before financing another war on Iraq.

Years ago, when our friend the Shah of Iran was overthrown, Americans should have realized the complexities of political power in the Arab world. Some contradictions: we seem to be blind to the progress in Arab countries like Iran and Iraq where our American culture is most popular despite political opposition. Immediately after September 11, 2001 there was a massive Muslim prayer vigil for the victims of September 11 throughout Iran (while people from our ally Saudi Arabia showed no support for America). Osama bin Laden (from a wealthy Saudi family) is the poster boy for Muslim fanatics that not only oppose democracy, but also view our lifestyle as a cancer on the world. Before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, America favored this dictator in his war against Iran because he seemed to be an Arab ruler demonstrating control over revolutionary Muslim fanatics. Rather than Saddam Hussein, it is the political power of Muslim fanatics, demonizing western culture and preaching terrorism, that threatens the Middle-East and world stability.

Now that our country is the undisputed world leader we need to maintain a diplomatic posture, not the image of a bully. While the madness of Saddam must to be contained and controlled, this needs to be done with strong international support, and America carrying a "big war stick".

Our economic security is a necessity and our first responsibility must be to provide profitable employment for Americans. Without this we cannot finance our own economy, much less wars of any kind, and the stability of other countries. We abhor the plight of Israelis and Palestinians, so we must demonstrate our resolve to peace in the world and avoid tactics of trading atrocities. A "war on terrorism" should not become a "war on humanity".

A final thought on procrastination:

The only time is now. The past cannot be revived and the future is unknown.

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A poem by Pippen Sardo


In the dark time of the year,
When the moon shines pale and clear
And the man there seems to grin a ghoulish grin,

On the last day of October,
Warmth of summer long time over
And the only sound's the chilling, rustling wind,

When the light begins to fail,
Wind picks up its long, sad tale,
(This is not a night to go adventuring out!)

Still they climb the rutted hill,
Warmly dressed against the chill,
Loaded down with wood picked up on route.

For the watch-fires on the height
Must burn brightly through the night,
Guardians they, and symbols of man's faith:

Faith that watches winter's drear
Celebrates when Yule draws near
Certain sun will wheel along its path.

And when the season comes to Yule,
Year will turn and light will rule;
Light returns to quicken life again.

So throughout our wintry dark
We must guard the sacred spark
Of hope and faith and trust in self and friend.


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Two Poems by Lida Picton Sloan


We fight with nature-

Cut and burn trees

Scar the land

We pour poisons into the oceans and rivers

So dilute how can it hurt?

But the water tastes strange.

We will be the masters

We will shape our destiny on earth

Raping the environment taking what we want

Nature strikes back

Remember when we killed all the cats

In medieval England?

The rats then survived carrying fleas and were happy to give us the plague

Today we extinguish species

What does Gaia think of that?

Our global warming melts glaciers

And thins the ozone layer

We destroy the rainforests containing medicines

That could possibly cure some of the ills we bring upon ourselves

What does Mother Nature plan to do about this?


BAM! SAM! FRYE! The arts in Seattle!

Beat it walk it

First Thursday and Friday

And second Saturday

But any day is good.

Uplift your culture at SAM

Wink at the Lusty Lady

Other experiences can be uplifting too.

I told the Kundalinis to keep out of this poem

They didn’t listen.

They’re in a hurry to BAM, SAM and FRYE.

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