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The Friends of Kafka's Uncle Society wouldn't, couldn't exist without the help of certain individuals who show up every meeting or help defray the cost of the Newsletter, FOKUS, with their yearly contribution ($15.00). There is no profit to be made; the monies received simply help with the cost of producing and mailing the Newsletter (often between $50 to $60 a month).

Also, it's something "more for your money". It's the opportunity for a lot of exposure given the connection that this website has with the Magical Realist Writers International Network, which is a collaboration with MARGIN: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, which has done so much work regarding background information on Magic Realism for Oprah's on-line book club (www.oprah.com) selection of l00 Years Of Solitude by Gabriel, Garcia Marqauez. -- but note, if, in spite of this, no new funds are forthcoming, it will probably mean the end of the newsletter. Yours truly simply cannot affort the cost and time of continuing to do a monthly production of the newsletter, so it will probably be available only on-line here at the FOKUS site of www.pantarbe.com.

So, to those folks "in good standing" this offer -- an invite:

150-200 words about what you do as a creative person, why you do it, how did you start. Words are also welcome about FOKUS -- what do you get out of the meetings? The newsletter? What do you think of Julia Cameron and her book, THE ARTIST'S WAY? Has it helped you? How? All sorts of comments regarding all aspects of creativity are welcome here.

Please remember, this is not a forum for competition, comparing yourself to others and finding yourself better than (arrogance) or less than (self-depreciation) someone else. Nor is it about "giving your art away". It's about connecting with the Artist Spirit that resides in us all and helping it find a safe haven in which it may find expression without fear. And without fear, you just never know what is possible. Maybe -- just maybe -- dreams do come true. Mine have.

Bruce Taylor

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Last updated:  August 4, 2010