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E-cademy of the Creative Inner Muse

This section offers online courses and workshop for creative arts enrichment. BAM Works/Webcraft offers The Pantarbe Workshop mentored by Benjamin Miller, editor of Pantarbe.com. Other instructors are welcome. Links to their classes will be added here.

If you are interested in moderating an ecourse via Pantarbe.com or listing it here with a link, please contact mentor@pantarbe.com.



The E-cademy of the
Creative Inner Muse

Enrolled members
  • E-cademy.

    These are teachings for those that wish to awaken the vibrant creative self within, that the living moments may reflect the connectedness between the Spirit and its chosen medium of expression. This is a dance of unlearning, a movement away from the blockages and baggage that limit the personal expression. This is an embracing of the inner strengths that identify the individual as a unique creative creature on Earth Mother, so that the actions and creative manifestations may outlive the creators. Through these insights and lessons may the reader become an apprentice to the Great Mystery and reclaim the wonder and enchantment of the inner child; once again living in the unbiased realm of creative magic.

  • Enrollment Fee (in US Dollars).

    $20.00 per month or $50.00 per three months or $160 per year.

  • Mentor (moderator/instructor).

    Boe Glasschild. Embracing his Choctaw and African heritage, he teaches a pathway of shamanism referred to as "Lightning Dance" -- It is the reclaiming of one's personal powers through releasing one's internal baggage and reopening channels for creating personal miracles in one's daily lives. He has also authored a book THE SHORES OF INNER FEELINGS to facilitate one's personal growth, and is the moderator for the Yahoo! Group, Iksaatiya. To contact him regarding this e-cademy, e-mail bushpolawa@aol.com.

    Please e-mail mentor@pantarbe.com with general questions on enrollment.

The Pantarbe Workshop:

Enrolled members
  • Scenecraft.

    The focus of this workshop is the the enrichment of scene development and the exploration of the creative process. Scene is defined here as the presentation of an event or events through the creative arts, literature, or other media -- the actions in a story, the evocation of one's emotions through the poetic imagery, the exchanges between characters in a play, the mood of a summer day expressed by music, or even the representation of a gambit in a new computer game. This workshop's objective is to enhance one's scenecraft. What scenes comprise or influence your creative work?

  • Enrollment Fee (in US Dollars).

    $20.00 per month or $50.00 per three months or $160 per year.

  • Mentor (moderator/instructor).

    Benjamin Miller, BAM Works/Webcraft. He has experiences with computers, web site development, writing, editing, computer graphics, music (percussion and piano/keyboards/synthesizers), theater (acting and technical), sound engineering, communications, business and game design. He earned a Bachelor's in English (UW) and certificates in Computer Information Systems (NSCC) and Fiction Writing (UW Extension, Science Fiction/Fantasy Track). In addition to producing Pantarbe.com, he continues to freelance web design as BAM Works/Webcraft and work on his own creative projects (some of which he will share in the workshop). To contact him regarding this workshop, e-mail mentor@pantarbe.com.

About These E-courses

  • All are welcome!

    These virtual seminars are open to writers, visual artists, musical composers, performers, directors, game designers and anyone with a creative bent.

  • What is involved.

    Web pages for presentations and tutorials, a web board for posting messages, links to relevant sites, lists of recommended books and multimedia, moderated chats, an invitation to related Yahoo! Groups and other discussion forums, and a subscription to Pantarbica (Pantarbe.com's e-zine/newsletter)

  • If you have any questions or concerns.

    Please contact mentor@pantarbe.com.

Enrollment Information

  • Scope of enrollment.

    You may enroll by the month, quarter (3-months), or year. Once registered, you will receive a username and password allowing you to access your e-course(s) for that length of time.

  • To enroll and pay using PayPal.

    Go to Pantarbe.com's online storefront, the Market Nexus, find the Personal Workshop listed, select your preferred payment schedule, then click on Enroll Now button. It will link you into PayPal. Follow PayPal's directions. You will need to extablish a PayPal account first if you don't already have one.

  • To enroll and pay via postal mail.

    Please send a check or moneyorder payable to "Benjamin A Miller" along with a note of your intention to enroll and name, address, e-mail to Pantarbe.com, PO Box 21809, Seattle, WA, 98111-3809, USA.

  • If you have any questions or concerns.

    Please contact mentor@pantarbe.com.


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