The Eye of the Creative Center

See with new eyes, listen with new ears, feel a renewed artistic respect for what is possible. Within the creative life, the process of making deep changes for artistic growth is neither easy nor necessarily pleasant. From this point on, let the life experiences merge into who you are as the artist, for these experiences are no longer simply things one has accomplished. The choice to walk, live, and exist as an artistic being is probably the toughest commitment one can make to one’s self -- and to others.

The artist can not put on rose-colored glasses and instantaneously produce art for the succeeding generations, for the sincere undertaking of an artistic practice-and the attempt to live it! - often precipitates a descent into chaos, the place where things fall apart. Yet at times, the artistic individual has to wallow around in that inner darkness for a while, until the courage to “own” the artistic vision is manifest. This may entail abandoning many of the most comfortable and habitual patterns of creativity the artist has become accustomed to.

Reshaping the Creative Wheel

The process of truly living the artist life and reshaping the creative wheel can mean abandoning everything that feels safe and familiar. The result of such actions is that the artist may begin to realize the essence of the true creative muse within, and then all experiences and actions are just the theatre that produces sincere spiritual growth. The essence of the authentic artistic life is a spiritual path that is a constant process of creative liberation from the authority of the consensus mindset and its choices. Artistic freedom inspires a loss of control, a reordering of the visionary core within. This loss of control is not of the artist’ sanity, ethics, or morals but of one’s conformity to the consensus entrapments. This loss permits the expansion of the understanding of what is possible beyond anything that Western society can conceive.

All paths to creative liberation are fraught with ambiguity, for the artist is the connection between the visions held and their physical manifestations. The creative being is the wounded, the healed, the lost, the found, the damned, the saved, totally seperated and at the same time a part of the whole. But this is only just and fit as the process of creative liberation must begin deep within the self for any degree of liberation to be accomplished.

The artistic evolution to a more sacred creative space has the tendency to create more questions than answers for the newly emerging artist, this too is fit and just-

  • How are these changes connected to all the other changes within myself?
  • How is the new me a blessing?
  • How are my productions contributing to the larger whole?
  • What am I still ignoring or denying that I believe about myself?

These questions could go on and on, and the answers will keep changing as the creative being continues along the pathway of the artist. With maturity, the creative being will find that what were once answers are now incomplete. Then, if one is faithful to the desire to live as an artist, the new answers will be integrated into the life and mindset, creating an impetus for new changes, and hopefully new growth. Such is the journey, for the creative muse within is not about doing, but about being.

--Bvshpo Lawa


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