Affirming The Creative Connections

At this point, it feels honorable to address what is a part of the creative flow versus flights of fancy. The artist needs to determine which choices move the endeavor forward versus which ones limit delivery. During the stages where the creative project is unfinished, the artistic desire for exploration forces the boundaries to expand in order to encompass more input and allow more internal energy movement for growth. This is good to a certain extent; this is a journey to the source of the artist’s creative truths, with the artist as the traveler that brings back the vision in manifest. It is this creative journey that brings back the tales of the cities of gold for both partisan and sojourner.

The weaknesses associated with flights of fancy are in the accumulation of excess baggage and the desire to use every color on the palate. For instance, one may go and purchase a variety of assorted vegetables that have the most unique flavors, but to include all together in a salad may not produce the desired results as all may not be complimentary together. At this point it becomes a matter of discretion on behalf of the creative one.

Moving Beyond The Baggage

Letting go. What is an asset to the creative work, and what “waters things down?” Again these are personal choices. The ideal choices are those that enhance the clarity of the vision and give it breath. These are the decisions that, once implemented, stand out as irreplaceable. Not every creative piece needs to be complex to be effective. Sometimes the simplest actions are the most profound, it depends on the piece as a whole and what is the intent. There will be those moments when the artist must go the extra miles and really cover a lot of ground to be effective, so it should be understood that all choices must be relevant to the work at hand. When the work has achieved to its fulfillment, the vibe will be felt within the creative person. Voices will come forth within the artist saying this is it. No more or no less. The artistic eye will see all spaces as being filled and at this time the piece can be deemed complete.

Artistic Flexibility

Attack, retreat, go left, go right. The artist as mastermind must be the wearer of many hats- more freedom in the guiding mindset encompasses more options. Devotion to the creative task at hand implies loyalty to the vision.The ego is bypassed. If and when this space of neutrality in the creative process is achieved, the work grows by leaps and bounds as it [as previously stated] assumes its own life and identity. The creative muscle, like the muscles in the human body, has more to offer when limbered than rigid.

Artistic Flexibility

The most important rule of thumb to remember in all artistic endeavors is - There are no rules. So, now the mind is somewhat confused as the years of lessons, guidelines, and proceedures gets thrown out with the bathwater like the proverbial infant. Though there is/was a validity to the training and artistic conditioning one may have experienced to get to the present point in life, it would be best, on behalf on the creative energies, to leave the rules in the books of the academia and adhere to the spiritual principles of creative freedom. The rules one mastered were important on the physical level as the artist was awakened to how physical properties interact and affect each other, i.e. one does not mix oils and acrylics. However, when involved in the process of creating the vision the artist may be better off "dialing in" to the specific spiritual laws governing this vision's creation. Simply questioning and listening to the inner voice that bridges the artist to the work will open up the channels most appropriate-

what is the nature of this piece/production?
is this a statement being made or a question being asked?

Lesson: True vs Apparent

In the world of natural things there are two types of power: true and apparent. True power lies in the elements- earth, water, wind, and fire. Apparent power appears in objects that try to harness these elements and are man-made; wind mills, water wheels, furnaces, etc. Now, in the creative world there are also two sources of creativity- true and apparent. The truly original creative works are the ones that leave lasting impressions on the observer, while the "apparent" works tend to call in memories of other similar projects. Sometimes these "sympathetic" works[apparent] borrow from pre-existing works that have made a lasting impression themselves.Sometimes this is accidental, sometimes contrived. So, where are we going with this one?

As the artist, if one is able to embrace contradictions there will always be an open pasture to feast upon. As this lesson has discussed, there are no rules that are set in stone. The adage "there is nothing new under the sun" is as valid as the statement "there is no largest number as one can always be added".

Now, there is the issue of integrity and character for the creative one.There is the respect due other artists also on the pathway of self expression. This may become an issue of discretion when one has created a work that seriously parallels a pre-existing piece. Sometimes the artist subconsciously borrows an idea, this is understandable and bound to happen in the course of a lifetime. At other times the artist reinvents the wheel, this too is allowable. Regardless of the circumstances, the essence of truth is always present, and the artist must be aware that the whole creative thing is steeped in being with the truths one holds internally. The most cherished quality is that of artistic integrity, our reputation follows us like a shadow. When one borrows or in seriously influenced by another, acknowledge this. This keeps the spiritual self less encumbered with baggage and also empowers the other artist. When we create value in our circles, we empower ourselves as well. Remember, this series of tutorials is focused on releasing the baggage that limits the artistic freedom, and the guilt associated with intentional infringements can produce enormous luggage to deal with.

~~ the visions of the spiritually awakened artist serve as lights
to those traveling through the maze of Life.
Live light, travel light, be light , enlighten ~~

--Bvshpo Lawa


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