Flights of Intuition

The "Gifting"

The artist cannot successfully force creativity energy to manifest. This energy, spiritual in nature, is the luminous thread between the dream and the dreamer. Instead, a stronger choice of action for the artist would be to tune in to the uni-verse and what it has in store for the moment. This is the “gifting”- the artist is available as the vehicle/vessel for receiving a piece of the divine consciousness. What holds the artist back and prevents singing, dancing, painting, acting- in short, enjoying the unique creative self? Commitment to the consensus world around us!

The artist must return to looking for pleasure in the creative process and not for perfection. This rekindles the hidden talents and innate creative vision. Creativity allows the artist to be of service and value to others when s/he identifies the gifts bestowed upon them by the uni-verse.

The creative leap without the safety net develops the artist’ wings. Some of the greatest accomplishments happened as a result of the artistic desire to gamble with restructuring a perception. Nature reveals this through the workings of her creatures. A spider will construct the most intricate and beautiful webbing regardless of the environment. No spider reproduces the same web dimensions with each spinning, the webbing relates to the surrounding. Dirt Dobbers are black, wasp-like insects that built their homes out of earth and moisture. If one pays attention to their nests, some look like chambers, others like the Pueblo ruins. Again, they construct their spaces to the necessities of the moment. To be creative is to be like the bird awakening at the dawn; be prepared to have a new song daily.

Children create for the beauty of it, not for outside gratification. The intention of one’s creative efforts again is so important. What is the driving force behind the creation, and the creative process of choice? It is not a taboo to create what one feels that others will relate to for their enjoyment, but it has inherent limitations as previously mentioned. Creativity nutures the “whol-istic” development of the individual- painters should do both music and dance, dancers both music and paint, musicians both dance and paint. Boxers and runners develop the entire body for total strength, the artist/creative person should likewise.

Dangers of Cutting Corners

In reference to cutting corners, it is the person creating the piece that determines when the moment of completion has arrived. It should be noted, however, that there are times when the best possible choice may be to leave the observers “wanting” more. There will be those moments when it is best to leave the door open, the finale unresolved, the sentence unpunctuated to stimulate thought and awareness. Giving the viewers a chance to inject their own input into an event can move the event to higher unforeseen levels of experience. This must be done with discretion however.

There are no steadfast rules to manifesting the vision one holds, but one should tune into the voice that bears the gift; short cuts for the sake of completion may also short circuit the energy flow of the project. This limits the degree of expression possible within the event, allowing the event to birth prematurely and be less than its potential. This attitude also reinforces lazy artistic ethics and does not push those in the creative seat to the individual limits that stimulate personal growth as the threshold of comfort has not been broken. Dare to go the extra mile to see the sunset when it is necessary, the journey will be as rewarding as the sunset itself.

Homework (Free Writing & Journals)

To see ourselves we must get outside of our selves and become less personal and more objective, we must tune into the real “us” by tuning out the imagined self. For this to be accomplished, this homework will teach us the art of free writing. This is writing without stopping to judge, correct, or censor. This is a unique way to channel energy for creativity without conscious effort.

Simply take a pen and journal and write. Use a pen so that you cannot go back and make corrections. Write whatever comes to your mind- when nothing comes up write this as well. If a question arises, write the question then continue. The point being emphasized is to not stop writing for approximately ten minutes. Do this twice daily at different times for a week, month, or the rest of your life. You can never do to much of this, and each session will produce more growth by expanding the you from the previous writing. This truly works wonders for individual development.

Respond and share your writing
in Messages

~ I will know
you by your actions.
Words alone, like sands
in the wind, scatter easily.
I will be quiet
to allow the truth within
to emerge. From this point
we shall relate ~

--Bvshpo Lawa


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