Inner Faith

“Believing is See-ing”

The journey starts within. The uninhibited artist is as free to create as s/he is to live. Artistic freedom of expression reflects the level of freedom attained in the daily life. The application of one’s artistic energy is but a reflection of the clarity the artistic has of the vision. This vision is the connection between the artist and the moment, and to be in the moment keeps the artist timeless and ever-present. The consensus entrapments (the world of reality which is labeled as home) imply standards and limits within parameters- the lists of “cans” and “can nots” for the artist. The spiritual home for the artist is within the imagination, the place of unlimited potential. The fewer limitations one lives with, the more choices available in the resource pool of the artistic consciousness. Choices are the data from which the dream is designed, the matrix of the artist’ available life experiences to draw from- the creative well. That which is believed will surely be seen.

Living The Medium

Living the medium refers to fortifying the artistic self. This is the process of being both the weaver as well as the web. There is no seperation between these two on the creative level as the creation and the artist feed on each other and for each other. Living the medium is being the project in the flesh, the closer the connection the more life force shared. It is worthy to note that the artistic endeavor is a microcosm of the artist, something felt within that is captured and isolated for others to experience. These terms may appear abstract due to our use of language for descriptions, but in the realm of the higher consciousness sympathetic vibrations connect the dancer with the dance. The project (vision) is as alive as the world around it- living, breathing, touching, and in some instances, dieing.

Concluding the Pathway to Ecstasy

The four lessons to date are only the launching pad for awakening the inner muse of creativity. These lessons are the roadmap that allows the artist to journey within, to begin to identify the blockages that effectively limit the creative output. The intent is to create the space where the artist can objectively look into the self and begin to let go of the parameters and encompass a broader viewpoint. At this time, it is also applicable to introduce a principle often overlooked but very valid in the universe-

~The Law of Absolute Intermutability~

This is a principle that serves as a building block in the grand scheme of things. It means that everything changes, and therefore everything is changeable. This can be somewhat contradictory when discussing how to remain truthful to the vision, for the artist must walk the fine line between following the inner guidance and changing horses in the middle of the stream. On one hand, there is the issue of integrity to the vision as it is, thou shall not alter or sacrifice the game plan but see it to completion. Then, on the other side, nothing is set in stone. How do we handle this one?

At times, it is beneficial for the artist to assume an existence within the project, enter it and view the world from the perspective of the piece in composition.

What does the view from within look like?

How does the consensus reality interpret
this moment I represent?

Can I make stronger choices to deliver the message?

Am I as complete as I need to be?

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These are just a few questions one may ask from the perspective of the composition to get the artist focused on what is being expressed. The goal is to align the physical project to the vision held by the creative self. Allow the vision to live, let it be as flexible as it needs to be in order to unfold, yet keep it within its perimeters to retain its uniqueness [note: perimeters/ the outer boundaries of an area, not parameters/ the fixed boundaries or limits]

Food For Thought

Two friends are walking down the street. One has been rather successful in life and has a vast collection of material comforts, i.e. sizable bank account, real estate, and what have you. The other has not been as successful and lives day to day, hand to mouth. At the same instant they both see a thousand dollar bill on the sidewalk. The prosperous one thinks that it would be nice to have, but it really would not make a difference in his life. The poorer one immediately envisions how the money would change his life and be spontaneous wealth. As these mental games are being played in the minds of these friends, the thousand dollar bill doesn’t do anything. It just lays there as it is.

Get it? The acceptance of artistic work is just as relevant, be true to the inner muse and things will be just fine.

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Until we converse again,
let things go
and let things flow…
--Bvshpo Lawa


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