Pathway To Creative Ecstasy

A dragon enters a village,
kidnaps a young maiden and returns to his cave with her.

The warrior vows to climb the mountain,
kill the dragon and return with the maiden.

The healer plans to climb the mountain,
distract the dragon, return the maiden,
and let the dragon live.


Creativity is healing on many levels. It is the healing of both the artist and the recipient, a balancing of the spirit. Regardless of the moment, the individual person is always an artist creating/doing a performance. The choice of being either the warrior or healer rests within.

Yin, Yang, Yong

Most of us are familiar with the concept of yin and yang. This is the doctrine of the male versus the female, the positive versus the negative, the assertive versus the receptive. Simply put, it is the interpretation of life in black and white. In the creative realm, however, this is a limiting belief system for the unfolding artist to work within. The choices are pigeon-holed into either/or scenarios. For unlimited creative growth, the artist must expand the personal parameters and acknowledge all three sides of the coin- heads, tails, and the overlooked edge. This is the concept of the yin, yang, and yong.

Yong is the gray area in life that holds potential and unlimited possibilities- the multitude of choices that connect the fixed areas of black and white. Yong is the edge. To access this spiritual, creative edge, the artist must strengthen the “inner eye” to see the unlimited choices abounding. This can be achieved by raising the inner levels of awareness, as per the exercise concluding this teaching. Seeing more permits doing more.

Manifesting Possibilities

Knowledge creates barriers in learning; we establish parameters around the things we claim to know. Wisdom creates bridges for connecting what we know with the desired unknown. Knowledge tends to define, wisdom allows for new experiences. Wisdom is self generated, knowledge comes from gathering from the world around us. The point being made is that we hold the keys to all possibilities when we go within for the answers, no vision comes lacking the instructions for assembling. Knowledge tends to guide the artist down the tried and true path, it’s the western linear thinker’s choice. Knowledge allows us to interpret the world as it appears.

Wisdom gives the artist an advantage in designing energy. Wisdom knows the blue print for the dream. Wisdom is acquired through taking chances, for trails are blazed by walking off the beaten path. Wisdom, like the yong, is strengthened through raising the level of the artist’s awareness. Wisdom is the active spiritual energy that shows us the sculpture within the block of granite. Wisdom is working with Creator, seeing and hearing with the inner senses to manifest the dream we have been gifted.

The Vulnerable Self

“No guts, no glory”. The ultimate action of the artist is to put their creative energies out on the public square. Launch the ship and see how it floats. The closet artist never exposes the dream to the critical masses, and therefore never really receives the feedback required for growth.

To move beyond the comfort zone (the space where the artist feels secure) and deliver the creative event to an unbiased audience opens up the window of vulnerability (a subconscious fear of being judged negatively and possibly rejected). Insecurities may assume control of the artistic consciousness; the artist may fixate upon how his/her work will be accepted. This space of vulnerability does not limit its appearance to the final stages of completion in the artist’s life. It may appear in the developmental stages and influence the project from the beginning. In this instance, the artist makes creative decisions based on how the project should appear to the consensus world. This self-generated fear crops the growth of the dream, forcing it to consent to predetermined standards. The dream only becomes a fraction of its true self and may never manifest its true uniqueness. This belittles both the artist and the production.

Returning to Manual-Pilot

The artist as a living person -and everyone is an artist on some level- has a tendency to move throughout the waking day on auto-pilot. This is due to the fact that we repeat so many of life’s functions on a daily basis. We become unconsciously- conscious. We do not think about driving our cars, taking showers, or a number of things. The western linear mindset lulls itself to sleep in so many ways. We focus on the destination and only glimpse the journey.

The exercise following this dialog is so simple, yet quite a challenge to accomplish. This exercise, if completed properly, will return the artistic one to a state of living in the waking moment with all senses functioning. Achieving even an iota of the total consciousness available will elevate the creative self by leaps and bounds. The awareness reclaimed will speak for itself, so here is the work to do:

You are going to unlearn how to live asleep, and relearn to be in the moment.

To begin with, you will need a tablet and a pen or pencil.

When you arise in the morning, notate the time you awakened, identify yourself by your name, and describe the moment, i.e. I am John Doe, I have just awakened, and I am going to shower and get dressed. This is your first entry of the day.

Now, repeat this throughout the day for a total thirteen times, and keep this journal going for thirteen days. That is the challenge, to not miss an entry for thirteen consecutive days.

At the end of a few days, and again in two weeks, please post your results on the message board. You will feel incredible doing this properly, try it and see.

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In parting, may the road rise
to meet your feet, and you know
why you are who you are
like the canyons know
the winds and the flowers the rains…

until we dance again
--Bvshpo Lawa --


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