Defining the Creative Muscle

What is the creative muscle?

The creative muscle is an abstract term, a concept for explaining how we produce and transform the vision into art. Though abstract in nature, this muscle-concept has the ability to move energy and produce results. It enhances our ability to see things that do not exist but have the potential for being created. It changes the energy patterns we use in defining our present realities. Whether one is choreographing an extensive dance or creating a dinner for a gathering of friends, this “muscle” is the source from which we draw the energy for accomplishments.

Locating and Strengthening The Creative Sense

Creativity is the art of practicing spiritual dictation. Regardless of how the supreme cosmic voice is labeled- be it Jehovah, Great Spirit, the Divine One, or Bullwinkle, the voice is ever present even if not acknowledged. The creative muscle is strengthened by learning to listen to this inner intuitive voice. The artist is just a vehicle, one that is fueled by the uni-verse to complete the creative endeavor. No dream comes incomplete to the dreamer; the resources are as accessible as the vision itself.

The ability to use this creative muscle is a natural phenomena that is present from birth, but may become weakened as the artist make the transition into adulthood. When the artist buys into standards and values, there is a tendency to limit the natural ability of assimilation as the artist subconsciously prejudges the acceptance of their works by others. This eventually creates blockages and baggage. The artist slowly looses the ability to go forth in creative work as s/he goes to sleep “at the wheel” in search of perfection. The artist begins to fixate on the ultimate piece, not allowing themselves any room for error or deviations from some preexisting standard that they have bought into. The artist becomes the ultimate critic. Take time to notice children doing creative activities; they will combine colors and shapes into the most unique pieces as they only follow their intuition in their creations. There are no standards that they are trying to appease. Adults, on the other hand, may loose this innocence during creation if they are (subconsciously) awaiting some form of gratification- the art moves away from spontaneity to being contrived.

To strengthen and reinforce the creative sense, the artist must return to the moments of innocence. The artist must move beyond concepts of standards to a state of relativity where each and everything has the space to exist and be because it is itself and nothing more. Maybe the following example will loosen the fibers of perception and help in refocusing the artistic self:

Two people are in a room.
One is an elder lady ninety-five years old.
She weighs 101 pounds.
The other person is a young male body builder.
He is twenty-six years old and weighs 219 pounds.
Between them is a box of books that weighs 117 pounds.
Both are asked to move the box to the next room.
The lady says that the box is too heavy to move,
The male says that it is really light in weight.
Is the box heavy or light?

The answer:
The weight of the box is a relative thing
for each individual. What do you think?

Respond in Messages

So, this is the ideal space for the artist to exist in. Whatever the event, remove the standards and go for the moment of inspiration. Release the critic and touch the Creator. Replace the search for perfection with the act of completion. Art, like water, will seek its own level. There is no bad art, only different. There are millions of people on the planet; the artist does not need to win over every soul. Let the art be real and thereby attract those that gravitate to it, like moths to a flame.

In closing, the accompanying exercise will refocus the artistic eye and move the sojourner into a space of awareness removed from judgements. This exercise can and should be practiced frequently to facilitate growth. The artist may experience a renewed level of creative energy sooner than expected (and this is one of the desired results!), but there are several benefits to be had. Please post your personal discoveries in the message board, let’s share our growth and unfoldment!

Your Homework:

Choose five inanimate objects( a stone, book, nail, dollar or whatever in any combination). Set in a quiet space with these objects for 15-20 minutes, and take a paper and pen or pencil and make a list of twenty things these objects have in common. Then, make another list of twenty differences amongst these objects. Initially, the lists may be limited to colors, shapes, odors, things in general, but after a week or so of doing this daily you will begin to see like-nesses and differences that you never new existed the week before. You’ll amaze yourself at what you have been overlooking in life as you begin to strengthen the elusive creative muscle and be available to the intuitive voice again.

Respond in Messages

Heed the voice as it calls you
From the zone of logic comforts
For the voice that calls out to you
Dances near you quite unnoticed
Should you be a daring soulster
Letting go will reinforce you
But to linger in the shadows
Is a fear to walk your pathway
--Bvshpo Lawa--


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